About The Site

This site is dedicated to sharing my passion for education and technology.  People always come first, technology comes second, so I hope the tips and tools I share help make your life easier and improve your relationships with students, teachers, and your family members.  I also hope to meet people and connect to other educators through this site.

Taking my work, taking my passion, to the world.

My name is Wes Kriesel begin and I work in Southern California as a Technology Professional Development Coach.  In my daily work, I’ve been charged with two tasks: increasing the daily use of technology by staff and students for learning, and the development of a professional development library for technology.

I started out as an English teacher and always had a passion for using technology to reach students, and when I entered the world of professional development, to reach adults. I’m interested in getting to know other educators because I firmly believe that it’s true of adults, as it is with students, that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Cliche? Maybe. True? Yes.

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