Switching Between Programs: Alt-Tab Keyboard Shortcut

Alt-Tab: Have you discovered Alt-Tab? If so, you probably have realized how useful this simple little combination of keys can be. The purpose of Alt-Tab is to simplify toggling back and forth between two separate programs. Give it a try. If you are running two programs at once simply hold the Alt button (located right next to your spacebar) down and tap the tab button (right over the Caps Lock button). When you let go of the Tab button you will see a listing of every program that you are using on your computer. If you continue to tap the Tab button you can choose which program you would like to open.

Let go of the Alt button and that program will open. Only have two programs open or just left the program you would like to open? If that is so, just tap tab and then let go immediately of Alt and you can toggle quickly back and forth between the two programs. This may not seem like much but you could find yourself hitting these two keys more as a reflex instead of using the mouse to do the same thing.

(Tip of the hat to Jim Zone from Ocean View School District for sharing this beautiful tip).

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