How to Export a PowerPoint Slide as a JPEG file

Here’s a tutorial on how to export a Powerpoint slide as a jpeg file, a handy way to generate a custom title slide for a Windows Movie Maker project, (or for a cool title slide in an Animoto project!)

4 thoughts on “How to Export a PowerPoint Slide as a JPEG file”

  1. Cool tool, but can you think of any other uses for it? Powerpoint is a relatively easy to use design tool (compared to Publisher), so people could make a slide for some sort of poster they want, then export it as a jpg for further manipulation in another program, perhaps? Just exporting a title slide from one program to use in another program seems a bit deflated.

    What if teachers could make slides for class, export them as JPGs, then they could open them in something as easy as Paint to play with them during class (think graphs), then just close and reopen them for each class. A nifty way to bypass using Smart software or some more complicated nonsense.

  2. I agree with you completely! This tutorial was originally in response to a calculus teacher whose students were doing video projects showing them working problems. They encountered obstacles to using Camtasia with a PC Tablet (writing the problem out on the screen and having Camtasia capture it) and quickly opted to film the calculus problem being worked out with a Flip video camera. They created their title slides in Powerpoint and dropped them into Movie Maker and applied transitions to provide the descriptions of what they were demonstrating. The cool thing was this: I posted this project and another class saw it but couldn’t figure out how the first class had done the nifty little title sequences. Hence this tutorial for the second class.

    When I was reviewing the tutorial, I was thinking what you were thinking: “This seems so basic; how else could this ‘export a slide as a jpeg file’ be used?”

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