To Mac or Not to Mac?

That is the question! Well, that was the question I had when, about two weeks ago, I cracked the screen on my 3-year old HP laptop. Now, from what I understand, a 3-year old laptop is equivalent to a middle-aged person. My analogy is that when your knee goes out in middle age, maybe you should listen to the doctor who says “Stop running.” And so, it went with my HP laptop, when the screen went out, I placed it on a desk at home, hooked to an extra monitor and it slowly blended in to the furniture, no longer able to captivate my heart with its sleek appearance and easy portability.

I shopped around and asked friends on Facebook what they recommended in terms of a replacement. My heart and soul is with content creation – podcasts, videos, screencasts, audio, music, etc., and I couldn’t be happier with the 13″ Macbookpro I got this week. I’ll just add this – I am learning and re-learning quite a bit of fundamental navigation and software shortcuts, but so far I am very impressed. Importing HD video clips from my Canon T2i from teacher trainings into iMovie has been a seamless, easy experience. Mixing audio in Garageband – easy as well. I went with iWork (the comparison product to Microsoft Office) and so far I have only played with Numbers (the spreadsheet program). It has captivated my heart, in a way that Excel never has, with its easy “categorize this column” feature which you can use multiple time to categorize data within categories – all with a nice little indent and bold arrow at the start of each category to show you where you’ve set your categories.

So far? The learning curve doesn’t hurt more than me kicking myself for not getting a Mac sooner.

6 thoughts on “To Mac or Not to Mac?”

  1. Everyone loves their Mac. I had a mac clone years ago (when I was in college) and it was fun and easy to use, though I never did anything intense like video or audio (we’re talking about 9 years ago).

    Now me, personally, I would have just replaced the screen on the notebook and saved….some cash.

  2. Macs are nice.

    I don’t like Apple as a company due to their humanitarian issues. Now without Job, Apple will likely get less aggressive and loose it’s way.

    I like choice. I don’t want to put my investment of time and money into a single company.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have a Macbook and I love it! I have had a Mac laptop for almost six years now. It is so user friendly and has much less viruses than a PC. I have a Mac for my own personal use, although I use PCs at the school where I teach. The district really only has Mac computers for one class at the high school level whereas I teach in the elementary school. I think that exposing my students to Mac computers would be beneficial for them. If my students had Mac computers, it would be a lot easier to create original projects. Like you said, iMovie is very easy to use. In addition, iDVD and iPhoto are simple to use, as well. If I had access to Mac computers at my school, I would be able to create projects using these softwares for my students. At this time, I do not have access to Macintosh computers for my students. Does anybody know of any programs that would be useful for my students on a PC? Are there an programs that my students can create and edit videos to make a podcast? Any advice or helpful hints would be appreciated!


  4. Hi Christie –
    Try out PhotoStory3 by Microsoft. Simple, step by step easy to use software to build a slideshow with two tracks of audio (narration AND background music). My daughter went to the state history competition with a documentary she made on Louis Armstrong using PhotoStory3. It’s a free download – just Google it.

  5. Hi there,

    Thanks for responding! I just Googled it and found this website- Is that the right software? In my school district, we can’t download new software because each night they clear the computers. I guess I would need to put in a technology work order for them to install it on the PCs. Thank you so much for getting back to me.

    Talk to you soon!


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