How to Export Powerpoint Slides as Images for Animoto

Here’s a step by step tutorial showing how to export Powerpoint or Keynote slides as images to upload into Animoto. The end product? A video mix of vocabulary slides.

Export Images from Powerpoint, Upload to Animoto from Wes Kriesel on Vimeo.



4 thoughts on “How to Export Powerpoint Slides as Images for Animoto”

  1. Wes,
    Thank you for recording and posting this instruction for animoto. I really appreciate you sharing all your tech wise with us; I am so very excited to implement more technology!
    By the way, I was in your GUSD 3-5 e.i. this week.

  2. This process is a little different on Microsoft Office 2010 power point on a PC
    1. go to file
    2. click on save as
    3. find: save as type and change the drop down tab from power point presentation to GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
    4. Click on SAVE
    5. Then it will ask you if you want to save the current slide only or all slide (you decide what to pick depending on what you are trying to do)

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