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Is There a Doctor in the House? Yes, Google Docs!

I’ve discussed quite a bit of usefulness around Google docs with a few teachers this week, and it deserves a post all by itself. Benefits of Google docs!

1) Free
2) Serves as free online storage
3) Can create documents while you’re online (don’t have to have another program open)
4) Converts documents from one format to another (Powerpoint 2007 to Google Presentation format, which will save and open Powerpoint 2003)

How to:
1) Sign up for a Google account (free).
2) Visit www.docs.google.com and sign in with your Google account info.
3) Start creating, uploading, and downloading documents.

Example use:
– I start at home on Google Docs by uploading a letter to a parent I’m working on.
– I save it and drive to work.
– At work, I go to Google Docs and open the letter and finish it. I save it and download it.
– I open it with Microsoft Word and print.

Below are some screenshots of the Google Docs initial tour.  Click on them to expand and explore.