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The Poetry of Technology

The inspiration for the title of this post is taken from the student work that Julie Walsh has posted in her classroom:  It spells out poetry on her wall:

In this video, recorded with Camtasia, Julie shares her presentation on using cell phones in the classroom, polleverywhere.com, blogs, podcasts and more.  She makes technology seem like poetry, fluid and full of compelling meaning (sorry! that might be the former English teacher in me).

Download or view the PPT:  Technology Uses in the English Classroom

Fallbrook Tech Time Podcast #1: Dave Evans and the Online Stock Market Game

Today I was excited to interview Dave Evans, from the history department, about how he uses an online stock market game with his students in Economics.  This internet-based learning activity can be found at: http://www.stockmarketgame.org/.

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Fallbrook Tech Time Podcast Feb 17 Evans On Online Stock Market Game
Download now or listen on posterous

Fallbrook Tech Time podcast feb 17 E 1.mp3 (4580 KB)

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