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A to Z of the greatest journeys on Earth

Travel through the alphabet – and to the furthest reaches of the planet – with an A to Z of amazing adventures. From Annapurna to the Zambezi, the world awaits…


Annapurna Circuit (Nepal)

“The mountain walkers’ mountain walk” circles Nepal’s Annapurna massif with its six mighty peaks of over 7,000 metres. The three-week trek starts in lowland farming country at Besi Sahar and climbs gradually to the formidable pass of Thorung La at nearly 5,500 metres. Do the circuit in spring to see the rhododendron forests in full and spectacular bloom.


Bering Strait (Arctic)

The stretch of water separating Alaska from Russia may once have been a land bridge by which humans crossed from Asia to North America, but is now an unpredictable channel, 85km wide, clogged with ice in winter. Rewards for those who travel here are sightings of polar bears, walruses and migrating seabirds, as well as the opportunity to meet the Chukchi people who inhabit this harsh environment.


Chihuahua–Pacific Railway (Mexico)

This spectacular, winding track across the Sierra Madre links the northern Mexican city of Chihuahua with Los Mochis on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The whole trip takes 15 hours but you must stop off half-way at Divisadero for thrilling views down into Copper Canyon. A single ticket from Chihuahua to Divisadero costs 1,089 pesos (£55); all the way to Los Mochis, 1,981 pesos (£100).

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