Goals of the Tech Coach Position

What are we doing?  It has to be clear.   From planning our daily lessons to going to the grocery store, we make better use of our time if we have goals for what we are doing.

For the technology professional development coach position, there are two goals: 1) to increase the amount of technology used on a daily basis by teachers and students for learning, and 2) to develop a professional development library to assist teachers in improving their use of technology in instruction.

The first goal is abbreviated as a line in my email signature, and it reads: “More Learning through Technology Daily.” I’ll spend more time in the future discussing the ways we all can work toward more learning through technology daily.  I’ll work hard to share the great ideas that are already being implemented around campus so that we can inspire and be inspired by our colleagues.

The First Two Weeks

Last week I found a warm reception at Fallbrook High School and at Ivy High (I met principal Melissa Marovich there on Friday morning for a tour.)

I’ve been privileged to meet kitchen staff, maintenance, the IT guys, administration, teachers, and everyone’s been very kind. I’ll be syncing my Outlook calendar (which I believe I shared with everyone) with Google and this website will have page for my calendar (brought in nicely via Google). Rather than retype all the names of the people I’ve met with, I can direct you to my calendar so you can see how I’m getting around and spending my time. If you’ve not yet met me, drop me an email or request a meeting through Outlook. Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

(image courtesy of Google images “first two weeks” search)