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EdFITS Module 2 - Incident Management

Thursday 11th May 2023
10:00 - 12:00


Incident management is a defined process for logging, recording and resolving incidents.

The aim of Incident Management is to restore the service to the customer as quickly as possible, often through a workaround or temporary fixes, rather than through trying to find a permanent solution.

In this session we will provide a detailed overview of the Incident Management element of the Education Framework for IT Support (EdFITS) within your School / Trust.

Session objectives:
- understand the difference between incidents and problems
- understand how workarounds and quick fixes can help keep your school computers running
- understand when and when not to commit time and effort on reported faults
- decide whether you can operate a policy of keeping spares for swap outs
- decide whether you need to train your technical and non-technical staff in the Incident Management process
- understand how to produce incident management reports.

Who is this course for:

This workshop is ideal for MAT Leadership, SLT, COO, SBM and Technical Teams

Course Duration:

2 hours


£100 for non members, £50 for silver members; free for gold members


Thu 11th May 2023


Microsoft Teams

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